Club Registration

Please, fill out the form below, if you are a Tesla owner in the South Florida region and would like to be a part of our new club. The information you provide here will never be shared with anyone without your explicit consent. This will only be submitted to Tesla for club membership recognition.

Once you fill out the information below, you can consider yourself already part of the club, a group of Tesla enthusiasts that will get together to first and foremost have fun. To share stories, advice, and educate others that have not yet transitioned to the EV lifestyle. But we are much more than that, we are also part of a movement to help on the transition to sustainable transportation, and sustainable energy.

As part of your club interest, by filling out this form, you agree to receive occasional club communications.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to our regional group. We received official club recognition by Tesla at the beginning of the year, and will be able to organize events recognized by Tesla.

We hope to get a welcome package to all new members as soon as we lock down any details for membership fees, if we implement them in the near future. We will discuss most of our ideas with members like you, to make sure that the majority is onboard with our plans.

New Club Member Details Please provide your email to receive our club’s communications. The postal code will help us understand the general location of our membership, to plan future events.