Model 3 & Y Local Inventory Available

Tesla Q1 2021 is coming to an end!

You may have noticed an increase in wait times for Model 3 & Y due to increased demand. 

Custom Order Model 3 Delivery Time-Line Estimate: 

1-13 weeks (all variants)

Custom Order Model Y Delivery Time-Line Estimate:

1-10 weeks (all variants)

How to  take delivery ASAP:

If you are interested in taking delivery of a new Tesla ASAP, check your local inventory as you may find a perfect match! 

The ordering process is simple;

  1. Find the vehicle of your choice.
  2. Confirm specs.
  3. Click “Buy Now”
  4. Enter account and payment details.
  5. Place $100 Non refundable deposit. 
  6. Don’t forget to use a friends referral code!
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