Trip to Cape Canaveral for SpaceX Crew-1 Mission


On November 15, 2020 our club met at the Titusville shore, in a great spot facing the Cape Canaveral launch complex pad 39A to watch the launch of the NASA and SpaceX Crew-1 Mission, where a Falcon 9 rocket sent 4 astronauts to the International Space Station, as the first official commercial crewed SpaceX flight.

My name is Rafael, and besides being one of the founders and president of our club, I am also part of a small group of people in the nation that is collaborating with the Tesla engineering team to test the preliminary beta release of Full Self Driving. My car drove me about 98% of the near 200 miles trip from the city of Sunrise to Cape Canaveral for this trip and back home. At the beginning of the video below, I show our arrival at the Titusville superchargers. During my collaboration with Tesla to test the Autosteer on City Streets features of the Autopilot suite (commonly known as Full Self Driving) I test the capabilities and report any issues I can identify to Tesla, and their Autopilot and Artificial Intelligence developers take note for fixing issues.

Here is the video of our club’s excursion for that day.

Thank you, to all club members that attended.